Snapshots of Our Week | Back to School Edition

Back to school! It has been an eventful week, with Lila starting her first week of Kindergarten!! I can't even believe that almost six years has gone by since this little girl arrived on the planet. It really has gone by in the blink of an eye. And now, here we are: big kid school!

We met up with some of Lila's classmates outside the school on Monday just so that there would be some familiar faces once school started on Tuesday. That afternoon we went to the playground with Senja (my friend Jenn's daughter, who also started kindergarten with Lila this week) and out for frozen yogurt. Our last 16 Handles outing for the summer!

The last lazy day of summer vacation for Lila! Although, I now realize, she still has five whole hours after school before she goes to bed, so still plenty of time to relax.

Tuesday was the big day! First day of school! Lila was so excited. It was the first year she really cooperated with my first day of school photographs. At 8:30am we headed over to the elementary school and lined up on the back field according to class. There are seven kindergartens!! The school is pre-K through sixth grade, so it really is big - I'm guessing at least 1000 kids. It was definitely a bit overwhelming coming from a small co-op nursery school, but I kept reminding myself (and Lila) - this is really the last big school transition she'll have to do now until college. The middle school is right behind the elementary school and the high school is next door to the middle school. All the kids Lila is in school with now, will for the most part be with her until high school. The hard part is now over.

Sending Lila on her own into the big school building was definitely a bit scary (yes, I cried!) but she is doing awesome (she's even getting a bit sassy now that she's been given some independence!). I've been taking her to school and picking her up (instead of doing the bus), so that I can actually meet some of the parents and her teacher, and this way she can stay and play on the playground for a bit after school. Lila wants to ride the bus, but I keep telling her she has seven years at this school to ride the bus! I am enjoying driving her for now and staying at least a little bit in the loop.

I haven't gotten much information out of Lila about what they are doing in the classroom, but homework has started, and I have gotten some excited reports about the computer lab, the art room, music and the library. She reported that gym is boring and that her arm hurt "from writing so much" haha :) I am looking forward to Back to School Night this coming week where we will finally get to see her classroom and hear about the curriculum from her teacher.

In the meantime, I am getting lots of one-on-one time with this little dude. His school starts up tomorrow, but the first week is pretty lax and the parents stay with the kids. Hopefully he'll adapt quickly and I'll be able to start dropping him off by next week.

I dug out a couple of my old cameras for the kids to use. They have a Canon elph which has been stuck in movie mode, so I also gave them my Canon G9. Logan loves it.

I'm trying to get into a nightly bath routine (I loathe the bath, so usually only bathe the kids twice a week) to keep the school germs away. They actually really like it (as long as I don't wash Logan's hair - he HATES having his hair washed). They are getting so big, they won't fit in the bath together much longer.

On Friday we went to Logan's school to meet his new teacher. He was a bit nervous about going but happy once we were there. He can't wait to get back on the playground tomorrow.

I've been doing a little back-to-school organizing around the house. I bought a bunch of new plants and I LOVE them. I also made a new "command center" with a calendar, bulletin board and mailboxes and I have plans for more organization to come!!

While it is still light out in the evenings, we are trying to take advantage of it. The other day we went to the community center and played on the playground and watched hockey practice until the sun started to go down.

And if we don't go to the playground, then we are hanging on to our evenings in the yard.

Yesterday I asked Eric if he would mow the lawn and he decided to build a us a front porch instead. The grass still hasn't been mowed. But we will have a porch!

This week's portraits (for my 52 Week portrait project):

Lila - Age 5, Week 44

Logan - Age 3, Week 14

And that was our week! 

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