Our Fall Bucket List | Fall Activities to Inspire the Whole Family

As we near the end of September, leaves are slowly starting to change color and Halloween decorations are beginning to pop up in the stores. It is still hot and humid out, but I know that crisper temps are just around the corner. 

It was an awesome summer - one that didn't even require a bucket list this year, because it was so jam-packed with goodness from start to finish. In past years I generally have made a summer bucket list though, and this year I also made a spring bucket list. I realized the other day however, that just making a bucket list for a season I am looking forward to is silly. I should be making bucket lists all year long! Making a list of fun outings for our family here on Long Island, and activities that we can do throughout the year will make me appreciate each season we are in, even if it is cold and dreary. It will encourage me to be more present and thankful for all the seasons of the year.

With that in mind, I made up a Fall Bucket List today. It is a combination of goals I have for our house, small activities at home, and bigger outings. There are a lot of items on this list! Which is good. I know I won't get to them all, but hopefully with a bigger list, I will always have inspiration for something to do when I need it.


  1. Go apple picking.
  2. Make an apple pie.
  3. Decorate the front porch.
  4. Carve pumpkins.
  5. Hang twinkle lights in the kids’ room and the basement.
  6. Watch a marathon of the series "Friday Night Lights".
  7. Try some fall diffuser blends.
  8. Find a bakery that sells good brown and white cookies for a new fall/winter tradition (to replace summer afternoon visits the frozen yogurt shop).
  9. Splash in some puddles.
  10. Go to the corn maze at the Queens County Farm.
  11. Go to one of the farms out east for some fall fun.
  12. Enjoy some hard cider.
  13. Get a fire pit for the front porch.
  14. Find 2 new crockpot recipes worthy of being in regular rotation.
  15. Start a gratitude journal.
  16. Start a knitting project.
  17. Create a cold weather reading nook.
  18. Buy some new candles.
  19. Watch a fall movie.
  20. Go on a hike.
  21. Press leaves and make some kind of art project with them (with the kids).
  22. Fly a kite.
  23. Paint gourds.
  24. Go to the Farmer’s Market.
  25. Watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade (on tv).
  26. Visit Garvies Point Preserve.
  27. Go to Hicks Nursery for their fall activities.
  28. Attend the Family Freshwater Fishing Festival in Hempstead Lake Park.
  29. Go to Northport & walk boardwalk at Sunken Meadow State Park.
  30. Go to the beer garden as a family (maybe for Oktoberfest?).
  31. Visit Bayard Cutting Arboretum.
  32. Go  for a walk at Caumsett State Park.
  33. Visit Avalon Park and Preserve.
  34. Create a new “mudroom” area in our house.
  35. Print my favorite summer photos and create a new gallery wall with them.
  36. Buy or make a fall wreath for the front door.

It's a long one, I know! But just reading the items makes me excited for the season ahead. We are going apple picking later this week upstate! So the first two items will get crossed off the list. I am also working on a list of Winter Blues Busters which I am looking forward to sharing with you in a week or so. Let's dive into the colder months armed with inspiration!

I'd love to hear what is on your Fall Bucket List! Leave a comment and tell me all about it.

Wishing you a happy fall!

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