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We are back in the swing of things around here. I am really enjoying the more relaxed schedule that we have this school year. Not so much rushing around feeling frazzled all the time! Lila is loving school, and Logan is happy to be back in his classroom as well. He started on Tuesday with half his class. He'll be going three days a week this year, for two-and-a-half hours a day, which means seven-and-a-half whole kid-free hours for me each week! I have promised myself (and Eric's mom!) that I will not spend the entire time working and will attempt to do something for myself each week. Like maybe go for a walk! I can't wait.

Here are a few photographs from Logan's first day back at school. He is in the same classroom as last year and with many of his same classmates, and quite a few new kids this year as well. They have sixteen kids in his class and three teachers. He has one teacher from last year and two new ones - he really likes them all. The kids seem like a fairly calm, well-behaved group so I have high hopes for a smooth, fun year. I can't believe Logan is in the three-year-old class already. I remember so clearly sitting in that classroom with the other moms from Lila's class. Lila and I both made some great friends that year. The time has just flown by. 

Logan and I have been finding our groove on days when he doesn't have school. He is really good at entertaining himself and never asks for the TV to be turned on, which I love. I'm sure things will change once it is cold outside, but for now we are still spending a lot of time outdoors. We scooter around the block, eat lunch on the front steps and run lots of errands. He's good company on errands - my little buddy. 

We have been spending almost every day after school playing for quite a while on the playground at Lila's school. It's a nice way to meet some of the kids and moms, and for the kids to get their wiggles out after the long school day. I also love that Logan will be so accustomed to the school once it is his turn to start kindergarten.

The other day Logan and I stopped by the house that Eric and his dad will be renovating this winter. It is just down the street from us, which will be nice when we are looking for things to do in the colder months. The kids love going to work sites and "helping". While we were there, Logan helped to rip up some carpet and we explored the house a little bit. Logan wrote his name and Lila's on the kitchen wall (which will be coming down).

On Friday I was the participating parent in Logan's class. It was the first time that the class was all together. They did great! They really are such a mellow, well-behaved bunch. Logan just loves school so much - it's amazing to watch transitions this year. He runs from activity to activity - so excited for the next element, whether its circle time or snack or whatever. No hesitation. Clean up time? No problem! I love that he loves school so much.

Over the weekend it was pretty warm. On Saturday we drove out to a new-to-us playground in Long Beach, but the kids crapped out after about twenty minutes. It was just too steamy. So we went and got ice cream instead. It was nice to see the water for a few minutes at least!

On the way home from Long Beach the heavens opened up and there was a major downpour! We sat in the car in the driveway for a little while before making a run for it into the house. The next door neighbor's convertible was in his driveway with the top down. Yikes!

After a lazy morning on Sunday (the back to school colds have hit), Lila went to her friend Senja's birthday party at Kidville in Garden City, while Logan spent the afternoon at Nana's house. 

This week's portraits - part of my 52 week project documenting each child's growth.

Lila - Age 5, Week 45

Logan - Age 3, Week 15

And that was our week!

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