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Last week was a short week of school as the Rosh Hashanah holiday meant Thursday and Friday off. Logan and I are getting into our groove together while Lila is at school. He misses her so much. It is very sweet. After we drop her off, he tells me "I love Lila, I miss Lila." On days when he has school, he asks when I pick him up: "Can we go and get Lila now?". She truly is his best friend, and although they bicker constantly (driving me nuts!), Logan adores her. It is a big adjustment for him not having her around all day.

Logan is very good at independent play, however (thank goodness!). Much better than Lila. While he does want me to play with him on occasions throughout the day, he is also content to play on his own. We are finding a nice balance.

The days have been so warm! We are definitely experiencing a late summer/early fall heatwave. I feel bad for Lila because they don't have air conditioning at her school. The kids emerge from the building at 3:00pm flushed and sweaty. We have been spending our afternoons and evenings outside, taking as much advantage of the warmth as possible. All too soon I know it will be too chilly for this outdoor play.

The warm weather has also meant some spectacular sunsets. The pinks and reds and oranges fill the sky as the sun begins her descent. 

On Thursday morning we packed up the car and headed upstate to Copake for the weekend. It was time for our annual apple picking outing! Eric's birthday was Wednesday, and we always try to go up and visit the orchard around this time. The trees are at their peak and there are an abundance of apples to choose from. Most years we are wearing jackets already. Not this weekend! The temps soared to the 90's! We did get a beautiful haul of apples, though, and the kids had a great time. They climbed ladders, ran around the orchards and rode in the back of Nana's car. One bittersweet note was that we did miss Riley - it was our first year without her running around the orchards with us.

The kids love spending time in Copake. They re-visit toys that we leave up there (thereby making them seem new and interesting every time we return!). They love hanging out on the porch. Lila is a great helper to Pops and Eric. She loves "doing work" with them. She even has her own apron and work gloves up there!

We went to Philips Orchard on Friday. It was a gorgeous day. After we picked our apples, we went out to lunch nearby. I love this yearly tradition!

Some yellow jackets made themselves a home at the peak of the roof and then a bunch of them got inside the house. Although most were dead when we arrived on Thursday, there were some stragglers all weekend. The fly swatters were out and ready! There was also an influx of flying beetles hanging around the porch. I googled and found out that the mothers lay their eggs inside a tree, and in September the eggs hatch and emerge from the trees as fully grown beetles. Ah, the joys of country living!

During a trip to Walmart on Friday I saw a display of kids' fishing rods, so Eric and I picked one up for Lila and one for Logan. It was pretty buggy out all weekend, so Logan had no interest hanging around the pond, but Lila was excited about learning how to use her rod. She practiced casting all weekend and got quite good at it! We did see ONE lone surviving fish in the pond (a blue heron has been sighted hanging around, so we think he has had himself quite a feast), so at least there is one to practice fishing with! We also caught a few frogs with the fishing nets we picked up along with the rods. It's so fun to see Lila fishing alongside her dad. She is quite the little outdoors woman!

Eric rented a big lift on Saturday so that he and Paul could stain the house. Lila went for a ride three times! I could not believe how high they went - she loved it! Not scared a bit!

When the kids weren't exploring outside or helping Nana make apple pies, they played a lot with their LeapPads. Childhood "plugged in"! At least they are playing educational games... that's what I tell myself anyway!

On Saturday we took the kids and their scooters over to a new section of the Rail Trail (a walking/biking path that was built along the site of the old railroad). There was a bike race that day so we saw a lot of cyclists on the trail. The new section is beautiful! It runs past a tree farm and some fields of corn and is for the most part quite shady, which is good! We will definitely be back. The kids collected acorns and the first of some fallen colorful leaves. Although most of the foliage is still green, we did see some leaves starting to turn fall colors. In a few weeks it will be spectacular up there.

We headed home on Sunday and got stuck in some lovely end-of-the-weekend traffic, and then found the house with no hot water! Luckily Eric figured out what was wrong when he got home later that evening (the hot water heater somehow put itself in "vacation mode"). Lila was back to school on Monday!

And now I have a massive bag of apples to figure out what to do with!

Here are the kids' portraits from the week: part of my 52 week portrait project, documenting their growth. 

Lila - Age 5, Week 46

Logan - Age 3, Week 16

Logan - Age 3, Week 16

And that was our week! Wishing you a happy first week of fall!

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