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A new year. A new beginning.

2017 was quite the trip around the sun. I am glad for the start of the new year. A rebirth. A chance to start again. I am ready for 2018 to be amazing.

We had a very quiet Christmas break. The kids were both sick with bad colds so we basically stayed home the entire week except for Christmas eve and Christmas. School starts again tomorrow, and despite the lingering runny noses and the fact that it is in the single digits outside, both kids are very excited to be going back. They (like me) are getting a bit tired of our four walls!

I feel like we have been going to Hicks Nursery every week lately. We probably have! I run out of ideas of what to do when it's cold outside, and I'm not a big fan of indoor play spaces in the winter (I swear I was never a germaphobe before kids - but now, just slather me in hand sanitizer!). 

Last week the kids wrote letters to Santa and insisted we go to Hicks to put them in the mailbox there (they have a special Santa mailbox in their holiday area). A few days later, both Lila and Logan received letters from Santa in the mail thanking them for giving him some gift ideas! They were thrilled.

While we were at Hicks I noticed these holiday figurines. I kind of fell in love with them. They remind me of characters from " A Christmas Carol" (which I have stage managed six times!). I especially loved the pub woman holding a menu that lists items like "bangers and mash". We don't have room in our house at the moment for a display of these, but maybe one day!

Despite the cold, the kids had fun running around the last of the Christmas trees at Hicks. Logan, who is obsessed with circles, LOVED the big wreaths hanging around the courtyard.

The week before Christmas, I spent a morning in Logan's classroom photographing some of their holiday festivities. The kids made a variety of Christmas crafts and participated in holiday-themed activities. They also sang lots of holiday songs during their music class. It's always fun to be in the classroom with the kids. It is such a great school and all the kids are just so excited to be there.

That last week of school was chilly with a capital C. We tried to go to the playground on a couple of occasions after Lila got out of school, but we didn't last long. Just too darn cold.

Lila had a holiday party in her classroom on the Thursday before Christmas. Parents were invited to come and help the kids with a craft and have snacks. It was fun to see Lila's classroom and to meet all of her friends. 

Christmas week. Boredom setting in. Lots of playing on the iPad and Leappad.

Christmas eve was quiet and low-key. Logan had had a fever on and off for a couple of days. We spent the late afternoon and evening at Eric's parents' house where the kids opened some gifts. It was a nice night but the kids were SO tired by the time we got home. Logan was asleep the second his head hit the pillow!

Christmas day we spent at Eric's aunt's house. We had a huge Christmas meal prepared by Eric's cousin, Steven, and the kids opened gifts. Lila made the mistake of eating, then running around, then chugging apple juice, and ended up throwing up, so we made an exit after that. Luckily it was an isolated incident, and she felt much better afterward, but I could have done without that end to our Christmas day!

The day after Christmas Logan came down with a UTI so we made a visit to the pediatrician. He was prescribed a round of antibiotics, which is always an adventure with him since he won't take liquid medicine. After trying the medicine in suppository form and straight up orally - he finally conceded to taking it mixed in with a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt. He takes forever to get those two spoonfuls down, but he is doing it (thank goodness!).

We have been home ever since! We did make one other trip to Hicks (I told you we are there every week!). It was a wasteland in there! They were clearing out all the Christmas stuff. I had to get rid of a couple of houseplants this week that had become infested with gnats (I tried everything to get rid of them and finally gave up), so I wanted to get a few more plants to replace them. I came home with an orchid, a lucky bamboo and a peace lily. I love them.

We took the tree down yesterday and packed all the ornaments away, and now it's back to the grind! The days are lengthening though, which makes me happy. Spring is on the way.

I spent some time over the weekend setting some intentions for 2018, and I am ready to make them happen. I love the feeling of renewal at the beginning of every new year. So hopeful.

And that was what the past two weeks looked like! 

Happy New Year, friends. 

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