Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Photojournalism

It was another cold, snowy week out here on Long Island. Winter continues in full force. The sun has been shining brightly more days than not, but the temps are still painfully low. It did warm up on Tuesday so the kids were able to get outside and build the snowman they had been dreaming of since the blizzard. They named him Olaf (so original!). 

I walked around the neighborhood one day while both kids were in school. I am still in awe of how much snow we got the week prior. Christmas lawn decorations everywhere were completely buried. Still, it was nice to see the bright blue sky and the sun shining. It makes all the difference!

My winter decorating obsession continues! I bought a bird feeder for the front porch, which was completely overrun by aggressive squirrels. I was hoping to leave it on the table out front to provide some entertainment for Lila and Logan, but I think we may need to hang it somehow from the house to ward off the pesky squirrels. They knocked the whole feeder to the ground on more than one occasion this week!

We finished out the week by attending cousin Charlotte's 2nd birthday party. It was fun to see all the family and give Charlie a squeeze. I can't believe she is two already. Time flies.

Here's a little look at how the week looked in photos...

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