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This week feels like the longest week in the history of weeks. I just flipped through the photos I took, and thought to myself, "wait - New Year's was this week?". Apparently yes. So, happy new year!

You've probably gathered from past posts that winter is not my favorite season. It didn't really bother me until I had kids, but now I find myself housebound for weeks on end with sick kids, or because it's just too damn cold to go outside. I've been reaching back to some of my favorite childhood books for a re-read this winter, for a little solidarity (Yep, you can bet your ass I pulled Laura Ingalls Wilder's "The Long Winter" off the shelf and gave it a good dusting off!).

The kids have been sick with various ailments since before Christmas - colds, coughs, tummy things, and then Logan came down with a UTI. On top of that its been super cold out, so we've been shut ins.

New Year's. Well, Eric and I actually made it to midnight this year, which was quite a feat! I actually spent a good amount of time working through some goal-setting workbooks that day (I do Susannah Conway's "Unravelling Your Year" every year, along with setting some intentions for myself for the year) which made me feel good and focused heading into the new year. We had surf and turf for dinner, which has become our tradition, and then watched the first episode of "Stranger Things" Season 2. I know, I know - we are so behind. (I also haven't started watching "The Crown" Season 2 yet... so much to catch up on).

The week following New Year's was sort of a blur. We put all the Christmas decorations away and gave the tree the boot. All the yard decor is still up and probably will be until March, as the decorative stakes are frozen into the ground. The kids went back to school on Tuesday and I cleaned the house.

Thursday the bomb cyclone happened (such a weird term for a snowstorm!). We got a TON of snow - I don't even know how much. Midday I read online that it was 13 inches for our area, but it didn't stop falling until a few hours after that. The winds were so high that it was blowing everywhere. I was supposed to go to work at "Hello Dolly" that night, but between not being able to open my front door, Eric's mom not being able to get to us to watch the kids, and Lila having a tummy episode, I had to throw in the towel. It makes me feel like a loser when I have to call out, but there was no other option.

The kids were off school for Thursday and Friday due to snow, and then we had the weekend - so by Sunday night they were bouncing off the ceiling. We are all going a little nuts being shut inside.

I read on a blog over the weekend about "winter decorations" - decor that you put up AFTER Christmas to celebrate winter. I loved the idea, so I spent much of the weekend scouring Pinterest for inspiration. I ordered some LED candles and some twinkle lights, the kids and i made some fabric covered candle holders out of mason jars, and we are going to put a bird feeder on the table outside our living room window to attract some birds and squirrels for our own private wildlife show. I also started folding some origami cranes, which I want to hang from a branch in a vase in our living room. I am still working on some other ideas, too!

And that brings us to today. Lila went back to school (precariously - the roads have still barely been plowed around her school) and I spent the day at home with Logan, trying to get a bit of work done in between games of Trouble and a viewing of "Frozen".

Here are some images from this past week:

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