Snapshots of our Week | New York Family Photographer

We finally had a run-of-the-mill week - no holidays - just a straight-up full week of school. The kids’ noses are getting less drippy, and they both are very cheery heading off to school every day. Knocking on wood, but I think we are hitting our stride.

With Logan in school four afternoons a week this year, I am finally able to really block schedule my time, which has been great. Multi-tasking was really doing my head in, and so by assigning specific duties to each of my days, I am feeling so much more productive and way less scattered. Right now I am following this loose schedule: Monday - marketing/social media, Tuesday - editing, Wednesday - house (cleaning, meal planning, etc) or shooting, Thursday - editing, Friday - self-care, Saturday - shooting or family time, Sunday - family time and memory-keeping (editing and organizing my personal photos).

This week we had “Back to School Night” at Lila’s school. I really like her teacher this year - she is a mom of four, and although there are plenty of great teachers who are not parents, I think for the younger grade levels, its really nice to have a teacher who is also a mom. She seems to really understand the kids’ insecurities at this age, and also understands from a parent perspective what we are dealing with at home. I’m really excited for the year ahead with her. Lila’s school also has a new principal/assistant principal team, who are really energized and making lots of improvements, which is great to see.

Last weekend I went out and bought a bunch of art supplies, and Logan and I have been doing some art journaling in the mornings before he goes to school. I am really enjoying playing with paints and pens, and its a nice time spent with him. I’m posting some of my art journal pages over on Instagram stories if you’d like to see what we’ve been up to.

I had sessions on Friday and Sunday - both of which were really fun. A vacation session in Manhattan and a picnic in Cedar Creek Park. Sometimes work doesn’t feel like work.

On Saturday we went to Restoration Farm to pick up our CSA share, and we had such a great time. We ran into friends and ended up joining in their picnic lunch and staying for two hours! The kids had a blast running around the woods. We picked flowers and explored the fields. It was great. I am so happy we are members.

Next weekend we head up to Copake for some apple-picking. Yep, fall in New York is in full swing.

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