September Round-up

September was a whirlwind! The last few weeks of summer seemed to drag on (we had so much rain!) and then suddenly it was time to go back to school. September is always a flurry every year - getting back into that routine of busy mornings and afternoons - pickups and after-school activities. Lila is taking the bus home a few days a week this year, and that was another new (but good) addition to our routine. Logan hated waiting until mid-September for his pre-K program to start, but it finally did, and he is so happy to be back there with all his friends. I can’t believe this is his final year at nursery school! Both kids came down with the requisite back-to-school colds, but luckily they weren’t too bad. Before we knew it, October had arrived!

- We went to Copake for Labor Day weekend and brought Tank up there for his first visit - he was so good!
- School started for both kids
- We joined the Restoration Farm CSA program and picked up our first shares
- We visited Captree State Park
- We enjoyed our local street fair (the kids loved the big inflatable slide and climbing wall)
- The kids were happy to start up their dance classes again
- We visited the fall festival at Hicks’ Nursery and went on a hay ride
- We went to a fall festival at Sands Point Preserve, where the kids rode horses and Logan was stung by a bee (but he was very brave!)

- I bought a bunch of art supplies and began art journalling. I have no idea what I’m doing, but its fun! I am playing with watercolors and pens and colored pencils. Logan has joined in as well.
- I am still editing away at summer work and dreaming of some downtime this winter when I hope to refine my session offerings and update my website

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- morning and evening walks with Tank
- Eric putting the kids to bed
- all the podcasts
- art journaling
- reading (currently “Slow” by Brooke McAlary)
- de-cluttering (I took four bags of clothes to donation over the weekend!)
- being largely off social media (I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone)
- block scheduling
- therapy


- finish up most of my client work for the year
- carve pumpkins
- plan Lila’s birthday party (7!)
- continue de-cluttering the house and organizing for the winter
- renew green card (did it yesterday!)
- self-care, self-care, self-care

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