Snapshots of our Week | Long Island Family Photographer

The days are growing shorter, but surprisingly, we are still having weather warm enough for t-shirts and shorts. All the yards here on Long Island are decorated for Halloween (Long Islanders LOVE decorating their yards - for every. single. holiday. It’s pretty sweet, actually). We have plans to get pumpkins this weekend, but in the meantime, I have three big pots of mums and a family of scarecrows adorning the porch.

It was a pretty run-of-the-mill week. I haven’t been feeling the photography mojo lately. I keep thinking about quitting my 365 project, but I only have something like 85 days to go so it seems like I should just keep pushing through. At the moment though, I feel like I have taken all the photos there are to take at our home. I feel like I can’t come up with anything else original to shoot.

I’ve been working through a couple of different courses and books these past few weeks. I am reading “How to Break Up With Your Phone”, and although I honestly don’t think I really have a phone problem, specifically, I have noticed my mindless social media scrolling increasing and I don’t like it. It messes with my sleep and my focus, and basically just feels like a waste of time. So this book is giving me some strategies for cutting down on the online time. I’m also working through Brene Brown’s art journaling course on Oprah’s OWN network. I recently finished reading “The Gifts of Imperfection”, and the class is based on that book. It’s all about releasing shame and embracing a wholehearted life, being kind to yourself. I’m enjoying the assignments so far. Finally, I just began working through a business course called “The Blueprint” which is all about streamlining your work life so that it better aligns with your life goals (i.e. spending time with your family). I am excited about figuring out how to pare down all the tasks that I hold myself to each week, both at home and for the business.

This weekend was a holiday weekend (Columbus Day)… the kids had Monday off school… so we drove up to Copake on Saturday morning and had our annual apple-picking outing on Sunday. Poor Tank got really sick after eating some deer poop at the orchard and spent an hour throwing up before we put him in the car and went back to the house. It was a nice morning, despite the sick dog (it really is true what they say about labs. This dog puts EVERYthing in his mouth!). We picked two big bags of apples and then picnicked out of the back of our two cars (ours and Eric’s parents). Marge made a delicious apple crumble that night for dessert. Now we are home and there is a mountain of apples staring at me. I think I’ll be making some pie filling to freeze this weekend.

It looks as though the fall weather is finally coming at the end of this week. Temps drop to the low 60’s and high 50’s. I think it will be time to change over the kids’ seasonal clothes.

Also on the docket for the week ahead: get pumpkins and put a plan together for re-vamping my office. I’m thinking of painting and getting a new rug. I am preparing for winter by making indoors as cheery as possible, and it starts with my office!

Wishing you all a great week!

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