The Roy Family: A Story in Motion | New Jersey Family Films

Earlier this year, I had the great honor (and pleasure) of filming a remarkable woman named Marie who was just about to celebrate her 100th birthday. That film was conceived and narrated by Marie’s granddaughter, Elizabeth, and in August I had the opportunity to meet the younger generation… Elizabeth’s children…Marie’s great grandchildren… and make a film about them.

Elizabeth reached out and invited me to come to her family’s warm and loving New Jersey home to document her life with six kids. In just one short year, oldest daughter Julia will graduate and go off to college, so it was important to Elizabeth to have this moment in time documented - this sweet spot for the family when all the kids are past the baby/toddler stage, but are all still living under one roof.

I was struck by how much this family seems to genuinely enjoy spending time together - even the teenagers! I swear at 13 I didn’t want to be seen with my parents, but the Roy teenagers are lovely kids - laughing and having fun with their mom and dad, and helping care for the younger trio of siblings. I told Elizabeth she needs to start a podcast called “The Zen Mother”! I really admired how relaxed she was with the kids (my head is spinning with only two kids - and she was cool as a cucumber managing her six). Serious mom goals!

It was a beautiful August afternoon, and I did my best to capture that chill late-summer vibe in the family’s film. I hope the Roys will be able to look back on their “story in motion” and remember just how special that summer was for them.

Francesca Russell is a documentary-style family photographer and filmmaker located in Garden City South, NY. If you'd like to see more of her recent documentary family photography, head over to her Facebook page or follow her everyday adventures on Instagram. If you are looking for a family photographer or lifestyle videographer on Long Island or in the New York City area to document your family, small business or event, please contact her for more information.