Snapshots of our Week | Hello November!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? This month has just been a whirlwind so far. We’ve all been hit with the fall crud - first me, then Logan, then Lila. Logan had two random fevers, two weeks apart, that amounted to nothing. I guess I should be happy his immune system seems to be fighting off the bad bugs!

This week was pretty run-of-the-mill. The kids had Tuesday off for Election Day. I went to Lila’s school, which is also a polling place, for a parent-teacher conference, and the polls were packed! The kindergarten parents were making a killing at their bake sale tables, which were stationed right outside the doors of gym where everyone was voting. As a permanent resident (but not a citizen of the U.S.), I unfortunately couldn’t vote myself, but I was glued to CNN all day. Very happy with the results in the House, and so glad to see so many women voted in to office.

The mornings here have been frosty, but I am still loving my dawn walks with Tank, greeting the day before anyone else. Most of the leaves have fallen now, with the various wind and rain storms we’ve had over the last couple of weeks. I’ve actually been really enjoying raking the leaves into piles on our front lawn! It’s nice to be outside doing something physical instead of sitting inside staring at a computer screen.

Logan came home from school on Friday and promptly fell asleep - another fever. Eric was working so his mom and sister came over to keep me company. Anxiety rears it’s ugly head when my kiddos don’t feel well. Luckily Logan was feeling better the next day.

On Saturday I took Lila to a birthday party at a golf place at the mall and then drove out to Restoration Farm to get the first of our winter CSA shares. The farm stand was freezing! Everyone was busy out in the fields harvesting the broccoli as there was a frost warning for Sunday morning.

On Sunday Lila went out for an early birthday lunch with Eric’s sister, Dana, so Logan and I went shopping for more art supplies - we went to Blick and came home with more paints, watercolor paper and a journal for Lila. I actually had a remarkably productive day on Sunday, despite having to entertain Logan. We cleaned out our crawl space in my office and I took a couple of bags to donation.

And now this week we celebrate Lila’s birthday! I can’t believe my little girl is going to be seven!

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