Snapshots of our Week | Halloween

It was a festive week, celebrating one of the kids’ favorite holidays - Halloween! I’ve never been much of a Halloween person, to be honest, but it is fun now that I have kids - figuring out their costumes, and gearing up for the big day. We didn’t decorate our house much this year, because Tank is still in prime puppy mode - demolishing anything left in his wake outside. We did put up some spiderwebs, which he promptly pulled down. As I am typing this, he is running laps around the living room - such a little nut!

Logan decided that he wanted to be a “Blue Circle Tree” - its something he invented. When he first started drawing trees, he would make a circle with a line for the trunk. His favorite color is blue, so the circle trees were usually blue. Then when he moved on to drawing people, he would just make them blue circle trees with faces. It’s been his “thing” for about two years now. When I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, he immediately said “Blue Circle Tree” (he also wants a “Blue Circle Tree toy” for Christmas!) He is definitely a one-of-a-kind kid :) So we went off to the fabric store and he picked out some blue fleece, which I made into a blue circle face for him to wear.

Lila was a bit easier - she wanted to be a unicorn, so I found this cute unicorn princess costume for her at Target. She was happy!

Logan’s costume parade at school was the day before Halloween. He and his classmates sang some Halloween songs for the parents and then paraded around the playground for us to take photos. Lila’s parade was on Halloween, and it was so fast! All the grades (kindergarten through sixth) parade in front of the school. By the time you see your kid, they go by in about 10 seconds and then that’s it! I did manage to snap one quick photo, though.

Trick-or-treating was fun. One street down from ours is the place to be on Halloween. Two of the houses there go all out and have various activities set up for the kids. Last year they had a haunted house. This year they were just throwing candy everywhere and the kids were running around picking it up. They had tables in the street with Dunkin’ Donuts for the parents. We trick-or-treated around the neighborhood for about an hour and then the kids decided they were done.

The following night Lila and Logan were sorting through their candy at the kitchen table (they kept about 20 pieces each and then the rest we will donate), and Tank managed to get ahold of, and eat, a dark chocolate Milky Way. Ugh! 15 minutes later I was at the vet where they made him throw up to get the Milky Way out and then gave him an injection to stop him from throwing up. Fun times! He was mad, but fine. Of course on our daily walks, he is still managing to find every candy bar that was dropped last week!

I came down with a cold on Friday and basically just laid around and read my book all weekend, with the exception of two short photo shoots here in town and taking Logan to a birthday party yesterday. I completely lost my voice, but otherwise felt fine, except that I was exhausted! The time change didn’t really help matters - the kids still woke up early and my internal clock was just all off.

I’m feeling better today and my voice is mostly back, so hopefully the cold is on its way out.

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween celebrations… can you believe Thanksgiving is only three weeks away??

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