Snapshots of our Week | December Arrives

Hello December!

We are at that time in the year when the days are so short - I just looked at the sunrise/sunset calendar for our neck of the woods, and luckily it looks as though this is about as early as our sunsets are going to get, and from here on out they start moving very slowly a bit later (sunrise is going to keep creeping later until January though). The neighborhood is dark by 4:30pm, and it can be hard to keep your energy up when it looks like nighttime outside.

I’ve been having a hard time picking up my camera. I’m not sure why. Probably the lack of light. And the fact that when my kids are home, all they want to do is play on their tablets.

This was a pretty ordinary week - the kids were in school, I had a couple of shoots. On Saturday we drove out to the farm to get our second to last share of veggies for the year and then went to Hicks Nursery, where the kids dropped off letters for Santa and picked out this year’s Christmas ornaments. We pulled out a few decorations at home and put up the advent calendar (we read a Christmas story every day of advent). On Saturday night we went to the local tree lighting, where Lila’s Daisy troop hung decorations on the tree.

On Sunday we went to Michael’s and bought some DIY Christmas ornament kits, and the kids spent some time working on those. They also watched “The Polar Express” for the first time and loved it!

I am finishing up a few more client projects and then hope to take a little break from work and social media until January. I’m looking forward to reading books, casting on some knitting and just relaxing away from my computer!

Wishing you all a lovely week!

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