Snapshots of Our Week | Nassau County Photographer

February, February... how can you be such a short month and yet seem sooo long?? It has also been a gray, rainy week, which doesn't help matters. I just can't wait to get outside on a regular basis again!

My photography inspiration is basically nil at the moment - between the lack of sun, and my kids' faces stuck in electronics far more than I would like them to be, I just don't feel inspired to take photos. We are trying to keep the screen time down, but it's hard when everyone is stuck inside for days on end.

Eric was home for the first half of the week, so he began doing some major yard clean-up in preparation for spring. He pulled out a bunch of vines and cut down a couple of sick trees. We are planning on basically bulldozing our side yard and putting up a new fence when the weather warms up. I want to find someone to come over to our house and give us advice about what we should plant - I want to learn about what is easy to care for and what is hardy. 

The highlight of the week was on Saturday when the temps reached the forties. Rain was on the forecast for the afternoon, but Eric's mom invited us to go for a walk at the beach in the morning before it started. We drove out to Captree State Park at the end of Ocean Parkway. The kids had fun playing on the playground and then we walked the pier and collected crab shells. It was so nice to see the ocean! We had lunch in Freeport before heading home. Sure enough it started raining that afternoon and poured all the way through Sunday night!

The kids are excited for Valentine's Day. On Sunday we prepared cards for their friends and then I ran out to get a couple of gifts for the Lila and Logan (Fingerlings and a book each). 

We are looking forward to winter break next week - we'll be heading upstate on Sunday and staying for most of next week. When we get back it will be almost March!

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