Snapshots of Our Week | Garden City South Family Photographer

February has arrived! We finished up our weekend getaway in Copake on Monday. It was a beautiful sunny day and although it was chilly, we took advantage of that gorgeous sunshine and went for a long walk through the property before we packed up and drove home after lunch. I have been trying to explain to the kids what "hikes" are, and talking them up. I really love to hike and went often pre-kids, especially when I was touring. I would love to get Lila and Logan interested in doing some easy hikes at some point soon - maybe this summer. I explained that they are "nature walks". Lila seems more into the idea than Logan - he is such a homebody!

We arrived home on Monday night and the kids were back at school on Tuesday. It is still very cold outside and we even got a little bit of snow early in the week, but I did spy some little green shoots trying to make their way up through the soil outside. I planted tulip bulbs last fall, so I am guessing its those or daffodils starting to sprout. Not long now! Our indoor paper white bulbs are also growing and I am excited for the flowers to bloom.

Logan had his first playdate on Thursday with his friend John. They were super cute playing together. Logan had a great time.

The kids got up and watched Puxatony Phil with me on the computer on Friday morning - they were not happy when it was declared we would have six more weeks of winter!

On Sunday we picked up Lila's Girl Scout cookie orders and brought them home. We are now indulging frequently in Thin Mints! Eric's parents came over to watch the Super Bowl. I was shocked at how into the game Lila and Logan got! They were disappointed when they had to go to bed, and the first thing they asked upon waking the next morning was "Who won??"

It was a good week, and now we are prepping for Valentine's Day. Cards to signed, decorations to hang! 

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