Snapshots of our Week | Long Island & NYC Family Photographer

I have very little to report about last week. Winter plods on...

I had a fun Monday in the city seeing the William Eggleston exhibit at the Met with a friend and then going out to lunch. I really need to do that more often! I miss interacting with adults and hanging with my girlfriends! The Eggleston exhibit was really great. He is such a master at photographing the mundane and weird - and his use of color is just genius. I was a tad obsessed by the quotes on the wall (all by him) - many very funny and dry and true! Definitely worth checking out if you are in NYC.

Other than that excursion, it was a super run-of-the-mill suburban mom week. I worked an event at Lila's school on Tuesday night and helped her sell Girl Scout cookies in front of the local grocery store on Saturday. I also took her to a classmate's birthday party on Saturday afternoon.

Probably the highlight of the week was attending the Spring Flower Show at Hicks' Nursery on Sunday...even though I took no pictures of it! It was lovely to see all the vibrant flowers - I swear I would move into Hicks if I could, and stay there until it warms up outside! The flowers were such a welcome sight.

The clocks sprang forward on Saturday night. The extra hour of daylight is lovely - now I wish it would just warm up! It is still very cold - in the 30's and 40's. We have more snow on the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. I am just ready for winter to be done. I can't shake the chill in my bones! I need some sunshine! Hopefully just a little bit longer and we will be home free. Easter is only two and a half weeks away! I don't think we'll be seeing an 85 degree Easter Sunday like last year, but hopefully it will have warmed up a little at least.

That's all for now - hope you have a great week!

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