February Round-up

February went by in a snap! It was awfully dark and gloomy here for much of the month, which didn't do a whole lot for my photo mojo. We spent a lot of time indoors. I have to say - the winter decorations - best idea ever! The twinkle lights and LED candles, and getting flowers regularly from Trader Joe's have really kept my spirits up. Definitely keeping the idea around for next year, and now thinking about spring decorations!!

Other things keeping me sane in the dead of winter have been reading and writing every morning - these activities used to be such staples in my life and I let them go a few years ago. I am so glad they are back. I just loved reading Eleanor Coppola's memoirs this month... the struggle of pursuing creativity while raising a family and supporting a partner - I related to so much of what she wrote (well, except maybe the jetsetting around the world and living in a winery!). I highly recommend the read.

Here is a round-up of our February.


- Two visits to Copake! We went sledding, to the Rail Trail, fishing, and just enjoyed hanging out at the house.
- We watched the groundhog see his shadow 😭(six more weeks of winter!).
- Nana and Pops came over for the Super Bowl and we had fun rooting for Philly (well, Logan rooted for the Patriots... because he likes blue!).
- Lila took a martial arts class with her Daisy troop.
- We went for a walk on the pier at Captree State Park and the kids enjoyed the playground there and then we had a nice lunch and walk around Freeport.
- Eric began cleaning up the yard for spring - he pulled down a couple of old sick trees and cleared out all the vines.
- Lila and Logan enjoyed Valentines' Day at school.
- We had an awesome winter break! Copake was fun and we also visited Jones Beach and a new bookstore in Port Washington.


- Still working through "The Artist's Way" - I haven't missed a single day of morning pages!
- Still working through my 365 photo project... its been kind of a slog in these dark cold days, but I haven't missed a day yet.
- I filmed video every day in February and am currently editing the footage into a film.
- Booked a few video projects that I am really excited about, including two long-form biography films.
- Re-vamped my website!


"Present over Perfect" by Shauna Niequist
"Notes on a Life" by Eleanor Coppola


"If you fall, we all fall, we all fall together"
"Are we breeding a lost generation who won't have photo albums to capture their lives?"
"Three Minutes"
The Pub Choir sings "Zombie" in tribute to Dolores O'Riordon
"Surprised that 'Never Again' kids are theater kids? I'm not."
"Sounds of the Shore"


Adobo Shrimp Fajitas
Tuscan Shrimp
Chicken, Spinach and Mushrooms in Creamy Parmesan Sauce


- flowers from Trader Joes
- the sun sticking around until almost 6:00pm!
- pinning images of my dream home and dream workspace on Pinterest
- making collages out of old magazines for "vision boards"



- Edit the Parents in Theater project videos that I filmed last summer (!)
- Make a low light film
- visit the flower show at Hicks' Nursery
- see the William Eggleston exhibit at the Met
- start cleaning and prepping the yards for Spring!

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