Snapshots of our Week | Long Island & NYC Family Photographer

Chugging along into March! Just this week the crocuses appeared and I thought we were home free to Spring, and then - snowstorm today. Oh March! You are such a tease!

I received our three family albums from 2017 in the mail this week and its interesting to look back at this time last year. We had a snowstorm at the beginning of last March, too! I also love looking back over the year's worth of photos, because it really puts life in perspective for me. I think of 2017 as being kind of a tough year, but when I look back at the photos - we had a lot of really good times, too. Lots of great memories. I am thankful I have photography to remind me of this. 

Last week was not too exciting. Eric and I went into the city on Wednesday and had our taxes done. It looks like we won't have to change anything about the statuses of our businesses for next year (with the new tax laws going into effect), so that's good news. We had a nice lunch in the city before heading back to Long Island.

Lila went to Philadelphia on Saturday with Eric's mom to visit Eric's sister, Dana. Lila had a great time spending the night at Dana's and was full of stories when she came home on Sunday.

We celebrated cousin Lucy's 7th birthday on Sunday. It was nice to catch up with the family - I can't believe Lucy is 7 already! It doesn't seem like that long ago that we were celebrating her first birthday! 

It's looking like the storm outside is ramping up so I'm thinking we'll probably end up with another school snow day tomorrow as clean up efforts ensue. Thank goodness the Spring Flower Show at Hicks' Nursery starts this weekend - I need a little color in my life! 

Below are some photos from our week and a little film I put together of our February (I think I got a little optimistic thinking Spring was here already!).

Have a great week and stay warm!

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