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Last week the sun was shining, flowers blooming, birds singing.... this week we've been hit with April showers in May. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Here's the lowdown on last week:

Lila is still suffering from allergies... I thought Logan was too, but then it turned out to be strep throat. Luckily it was the mildest case of strep throat I've ever seen. He had a fever for about two hours and that was it. He has antibiotics now and is back to normal. Things are ramping up at both schools with the end of the school year approaching - lots of events and picnics and spirit days. I am doing my best to keep track. 

I am on a spring cleaning bender. Last weekend I took an entire trunk full of books to the library for donation - it feels so nice to be able to see what we have now on our bookshelves. I made two shelves dedicated to books I still haven't read - my own personal library! Even the kids are happier with their books being more organized and accessible. I changed over all our clothes to spring/summer-wear, and even Eric cleaned up his side of the bedroom and has gotten started on cleaning out our basement storage.

I bought a little desk for the corner of our dining area to keep my computer and notebooks/hard drives on. I like that I have my own little workspace downstairs now and can keep the kitchen table uncluttered.

Plants and gardening are my new hobby. The houseplants I bought this past winter really did help my anxiety so much, and I am excited to keep exploring this new world of indoor gardening! We have lots of flower clippings inside at the moment and I am making mental notes about what houseplants I want to buy next.

Outside, the front yard actually looks nice this year! Logan and I went to the nursery this week and bought some dahlias for the porch and a few other flowers for the front yard. The backyard is still a disaster, but I am happy to see that the blueberries and strawberries survived the winter. We'll see if we get any fruit. We have a lot to do in the back, and likely this summer will be a period of transition for that space. We have to get a new fence which is going to require some bulldozing, so I'm not going to do too much back there until after that. I have some ideas for the future of the space, though and am kind of intrigued with the idea of a tiny greenhouse!

Mother's Day turned out to be kind of a bust - the weather was rainy and gloomy and no one wanted to get out and do anything. I finally convinced Logan to leave the house with me. We drove over to Jones Beach, and I didn't intend to get out of the car as it was raining, but once we were there, Logan said "let's go for a walk!". So we did. It really lifted my spirits to breathe in that ocean air and pick up some pretty stones. I am looking forward to getting back there on sunnier days.

I am loving getting to know my new camera - the Sony a7iii. I haven't had the chance to take it on an outing outside the house or yard, yet. So far I love all the customization I can do to make functions easily accessible, and the added joystick for moving the focal point is really awesome. I have yet to shoot any video with it... soon! 

I am in the middle of editing many, many projects right now - lesson videos for a photographer, two 90-minute biography films and a short-form biography film of a 100 year old woman! Lots of interesting material, but I wish there were more hours in the day! Eric's mom has been taking Logan one afternoon a week so that I can work, which has been a huge help.

We booked our tickets to California! We'll be in the Bay Area July 2-9. I can't wait! I am working on getting the kids passports as we might venture up to Canada in August.

A look back at this week last year!

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