April Round-up

I'm a little late getting April's round-up out, seeing as May is more than half over! I have been doing a lot of shooting and editing client projects this month and last, which has been great, but I have had to put my personal projects, and this blog, on the back burner for now. Hopefully this summer I will have more time to jump back in.

I've been thinking a lot about social media lately, and blogs specifically. I have been missing all the personal online journals that people used to keep. I used to love checking into Flickr everyday, and following along with various 365 projects and then popping over to everyone's personal blogs to read about their day-to-day lives. I loved that little peek into the worlds of others. Facebook and Instagram algorithms have made following along with people so disjointed. I miss the community and the ongoing stories. I felt like I really got to know people.

With the start of my business I've had to learn a lot about websites and keywords and lead magnets, and all the things that give a website good SEO. I think SEO along with the growth of social media just killed the charm of the personal blog. I miss it. I'd like to start trying to get back to making this space more of a personal journal and less of a business asset. I'd love if others would join me in that. I have been searching the past couple of days for interesting personal blogs that are still out there, so that I can add them to my feed reader. If you still keep a personal blog - let me know - I'd love to subscribe!

Anyway, back to the task at hand: rounding up April.


- Lila and Logan were off school for Spring Break. The weather was lousy, but we went up to Copake for a few days and enjoyed visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Firefighter's Museum and Olana.
- Lila had fun at her Girl Scout luau party.
- We bought two fish!
- The daffodils, tulips and dogwood finally blossomed!
- The weather finally warmed up and we spent many afternoons and evenings outside.
- We made our first trip to the "baseball fields" (local community park) this year.
- Had a blast at the Arbor Day Festival at Planting Fields with our friends.


- I had my busiest month of client work ever, the highlight being the film sessions of two biography films that I am creating for a family, integrating hours of interviews with two sets of grandparents into two long-format films.
- I started work on the lessons for a video class I will be teaching in the fall.
- Still plugging away at my 365!
- I finally edited and shared one of the films in my "Parents in Theater Project" - featuring the lovely Blair Goldberg.


"In the Blink of An Eye" by Walter Murch
"Stillmotion's Know Filmmaking Guide"


- What About the Breakfast Club?
- What I Won't Teach My Daughter About Hard Work
- Forgotten Photos of NYC Parks
- Reflections on Journaling for 25 Years
- Stanley Kubrick's little known life as a photographer
- The 5 Best Parenting Reminders I Picked Up in Therapy


Caramelized Pork Tacos with Pineapple Salsa
Pesto Chicken and Tomatoes
Garlic Herb Spaghetti and Meatballs


- Trips to Hicks Nursery to look at the flowers
- Reading all the gardening books and joining all the gardening groups on Facebook
- Reading blogs
- Watching "Big Dreams, Small Spaces" on Netflix.
- Spring cleaning!
- Sitting outside on the porch.


GOALS FOR MAY (almost over!):

- Go to Copake for Spring Break
- Film a personal film (even if I don't get around to editing it)
- Clean out the crawl space upstairs
- Complete a bunch of client work
- Re-invest in my blog (only bucking all the "rules")

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