Snapshots of our Week | At Home on Long Island

Oh my goodness, there was a lot of rain last week! It's funny - from the look of the photos I've posted below, you would never guess it, but it rained nearly everyday. One afternoon - I think it was Tuesday - we had a monsoon! Super high winds and torrential rains... but only for a couple of hours... its been the strangest. Hopefully we are moving toward warmer, dryer days.

Logan has become my little garden helper - he's interested in learning about the flowers and he likes helping me water. His little brain is constantly working. He is already reading and he's not even four yet. He really blows my mind. Lila is getting ready for her kindergarten "show" - not really sure what exactly this show is, but her class is singing a song from "The Lion King" in it. She's been practicing at home with the CD everyday.

I am fully addicted to Pinterest again. I first fell down the rabbit hole back when I was on maternity leave with Lila - then I lost interest when they changed their home feed. Now I am fully back on board again. I am loving all the home inspiration, and house plants! Oh my goodness, I have plans for lots and lots more house plants. 

Now that our bedroom, the playroom and the bookshelves have had a spring cleaning, the next place I want to purge is our upstairs crawl space. Its time to get rid of the final straggling baby goods. I told Logan he has one more summer to take advantage of the strollers and then we are getting rid of them. Bittersweet, but it will also be nice to get rid of all this gear. I think I'm also done taking hand-me-down clothes from people. Although its nice to not have to buy all new clothes every year, I feel like I am drowning in bins of clothing that my kids aren't big enough for yet... and may not even like once they are. It's just too much stuff!!

We ate this for dinner (with corn and potato/pepper hash) last week and it was freaking delicious. Highly recommend.

We went to Hicks on Sunday and got a few additional plants. I wanted to get a couple of tomato plants (we got cherry and sun sugar) to try in pots this year instead of the raised bed. We also got some marigolds, which we planted with the tomato plants. Lila and Logan each picked out a dahlia for the porch and we brought home a red geranium, as well. 

The backyard is still a mess, and I am coming to terms with the fact that it likely will be unusable this summer. Hopefully we'll get the new fence in and cut everything back, lose a couple of awful trees and be ready to go for next year.

The weekend was a bit of a rainy bust. Logan's nursery school held their annual "picnic", and we went, even though everything had to be moved inside to the classrooms. It was a bit loud, which always overwhelms my kids, but they had fun. It was a dinosaur theme, and there was a reptile show and dino crafts set up under a tent outside. Lila saw quite a few friends from her years there, which was nice. Both kids got their faces painted, which always makes them happy. I can't believe we are headed into our last year with that nursery school. It's been home to us (me, too!) for five years now. It will be sad to say goodbye when Logan finishes up pre-K next summer.

Still in the depths of editing the two biography films... so... much... editing. I am loving the projects though. I look forward to being able to share snippets from each of them. I think every family should have a film like this of their family stories. I am looking forward to making more.

I had to cancel a family session on Thursday.... RAIN. I know its good for the plants and the trees and the grass and all, but really... enough.

I did a presentation on what it's like to be a stage manager at Career Day at Lila's school on Friday. I spoke to two groups of 6th graders. The first group had tons of questions. The second group had none. I'm not sure what to make of that! I hope I at least inspired a few kids that a career in the arts is possible. It was nice to be involved. I am determined to really try to make my kids' schools the best they can be by giving time to them. Its nice to meet others in our community, as well.

A look back at this week last year!

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