Snapshots of our Week | Memorial Weekend

We are really heading into the home stretch now to summer! Logan finishes up school next Wednesday. He'll do two weeks of summer camp at his nursery school until Lila finishes school on the 22nd - then its free days until September! Lila is signed up for a ballet and tap class in July and August and I plan on signing both kids up for swim lessons, too. I can't believe our trip to California is only a month away! Its been two years since we last visited (way too long) - I am excited to see family and friends and RELAX.

We went up to Copake on Friday for the long weekend. The kids had a blast on Saturday - we started the day off at the farmer's market, then went swimming at the Ore Pit after lunch, followed by ice cream. Then later in the afternoon they went bike riding and to the playground with Pops - a full day, for sure! Unfortunately Logan came down with a fever on Sunday. We just got back from the doctor and it looks like it is just a virus (and not a reoccurrence of strep throat). Hopefully he'll be up to going back to school tomorrow. Lila is still coughing but is in good spirits and was sad to have to go back to school today. She loves her time upstate.

I spent way too long meal planning for this week but I am attempting a Whole 30, and I know my success at this basically hinges on good planning. I followed a bunch of inspirational instagram accounts and placed my grocery order. Fingers crossed I can make it through a whole month without cheese and beer!

I've been thinking a lot about my sewing machine and yarn stash lately. They have been sorely neglected for too long. As soon as I climb out of all this editing work, I think I need to make something. What are the popular patterns these days? I am so out of the loop! 

I pulled all the bulbs out of the front yard - I can't believe how many daffodils had propagated - there were hundreds and hundreds of bulbs! I am following the directions of some gardening site, and buried all the bulbs in a pot of soil in the backyard. I'll plant them again in the fall. In the meantime it freed up the area alongside our walkway to plant some flowers for the summer. Logan and I went to a local nursery and he picked out a variety of flowers - they look really pretty! I think I may transplant the two yarrow plants that were there to another spot. They are a bit too tall, I think, for their current home.

I'm also making plans for lots more house plants - heh heh :)

And the backyard remains a disaster.

We drove up to Copake on Friday for the long Memorial Weekend. Saturday was a fantastic sunny day with visits to the farmer's market and the Ore Pit. It rained Sunday and Logan came down with a fever, so after lunch out and a peek at the Hudson River, we spent the afternoon napping, reading and watching movies. I left with the kids early Monday so that we could beat the afternoon traffic. We're looking forward to heading back up there soon!

I rented the Zeiss 35mm 1.4 this past week as I am not super happy with the 28mm I have (it keeps back focusing). Of course the Zeiss 35mm is a gorgeous lens. I was afraid I might find it too big, but I really didn't. And the quality of the images is just superb. No focusing issues. I am going to wait and see what the reviews of the new Sigma line are like before I make any purchasing decisions, but yeah, that Zeiss is a top notch lens.

I also had fun this week playing with my new drone! I bought the Mavic Air, and although I need lots of practice, already I can tell that I am going to have a lot of fun with this little guy. I love the shots I got of the house upstate - I'm excited to incorporate more drone footage into my films (which means I need to start studying for my drone license test!). 

May and June are very similar to September in that there are so many school events happening! Lila's Girl Scout troop is winding down for the year - they had a trip to Panera this past week and coming up is their end of the year party. Girl Scouts has been really good for Lila this year - I'm hoping all the girls continue next year - its such a nice group. We are gearing up for Logan's final "special day" the year next week (where I participate in the classroom and we will celebrate his birthday). He's been talking about it for months!

A look back at this week last year!

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