Snapshots of our Week | Sick Days...

It was a long, boring week shut in at home with a sick kid. Three visits to the pediatrician in one week! I swear they are going to start charging me rent.

Lila's eye was red on Sunday and I convinced myself it was allergies, but on Monday it was worse, so off to the pediatrician we went. Pink eye. She ended up being home all week with a fever and headache/stomachache... and then on Wednesday started complaining about her ear. Back to the doctor we went: ear infection. So she missed the entire week of school. Sigh. Just like last year! (she had strep throat the last week of pre-K and only made it back for graduation).

Logan had his four year old well check on Tuesday and strangely failed the hearing test. I'm hoping it was just him being four and nothing serious, but we have to go and see an ENT for another test in July. He also didn't grow according to his normal trajectory this year, so he had to do some extra blood work and we have an appointment with a feeding therapist. Oy. He was so brave, getting two shots and blood drawn in both arms. It wasn't until the two nurses left the room that he said to me "Mom, I think I need to cry.". Brave little guy!

Staying home all week with a sick kid made me a little stir crazy. Thank goodness for nice weather and a porch to sit on. 

I attempted making smoothies for the kids on Friday... trying to get some fruits and vegetables into Logan. Lila drank about half of hers. Logan's verdict: "This is disgusting, mom." I'll have to change it up and try again. Or maybe just take them to Jamba Juice.

I'm waiting for a second bloom on a lot of the flowers outside. I'm not spending too much time tending the garden at the moment because I anticipate a lot dying while we are away in California. When we are back I want to work on another flower bed, and hopefully Eric will get started on clearing the jungle of the backyard. I pulled the kiddie pool out on Sunday and almost got killed by all the vines along the side of the house. It's pretty bad.

Lila was luckily feeling better by the weekend, so we went to the park and out for ice cream on Saturday, and on Sunday we went to the Plattdeutsche (a local beer hall and garden) to celebrate Father's Day. The Plattdeutsche was the busiest I've ever seen it... we forgot that the World Cup was happening, so there were lots of people there to watch the games. We had a nice lunch but the kids were cranky because sometimes they have a big slide and bounce house set up for the kids, but they weren't there this time. They rallied after some cupcakes at Nana's (oh yeah, it was my birthday!) and we came home and they played in the sprinkler on the front lawn.

On Thursday I had a family session in Astoria (not far from where I used to live), and I used my Sony a7iii for the first time (in a client session). I LOVED using it! The focus is so much better than my Nikon, and the electronic viewfinder is the bomb. I am planning on selling all my Nikon gear later this summer and getting a second Sony a7iii (I'll need a zoom lens and a flash for events, as well). I am sold.

I bought a pop-up backdrop on a whim from Amazon... I've been wanting to learn how to do more portraiture for a while now. I saw some great black and white portraits in the "Looks Like Film" Facebook group this past week, and decided to jump in and try as well. I took a few portraits of the kids on the front lawn before bed on Saturday and I love how they turned out. I'm already thinking about what kind of portrait events I could do...

* * *

A look at this week last year. (Lila was sick this week last year, as well!)

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