Snapshots of our Week | At Home on Long Island

We drove back from Copake on Monday and were at the pediatrician on Tuesday with Logan. He stayed home from school all week, sick with a really bad cough that kept him from sleeping. We spent many nights in the bathroom with the shower on, trying to open up his chest and sooth his throat. It was a long week but we made it through.

While Logan was resting at home, Lila was back at school preparing for the big kindergarten show, which was Friday morning. Eric and I went to see it, and all the kids were so good! Each kindergarten class (there are seven at her school) sang and danced to a Disney song. I was really impressed with how well they all did! Lila's class performed "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" from "The Lion King". Lila had been practicing for weeks and all her hard work paid off. She was awesome. 

Poor Logan was so sad to miss the last full week of school, but I tried to keep him occupied and encouraged him to nap. By the weekend he was feeling much better.

I started Whole 30 on Tuesday. As I write this, I am on Day 10 and not feeling significantly different, except angry that the eczema on my hands is still terrible. Everyone tells me to be patient, so I will try to stick it out. So far its not too hard a regimen to follow. I mainly miss condiments. And beer. And tortillas (don't even get me started on lettuce-wrapped tacos - that's just wrong).

Not much to report here. I didn't have any time to spend in yard this week. The plants and flowers survived us being away for the weekend, so that's good! I put a bird feeder up in the front yard near the curb a few weeks ago, and we are loving watching our neighborhood birds - Logan even named one of them (a red cardinal) "Cinnamon" - but man, they eat a lot! I've already gone through a whole bag of birdseed!

No outings with the kids this week, except for Lila attending a birthday party at the Rockville Center Rec Center, which is always a fun and easy place for a kid party. She had a good time. As I was driving her there, I saw a sign for the Phillips House Museum in Rockville Center, which is a restored Victorian home - I'm adding it to my list of local spots to check out!

On Thursday I went into the city and met up with my friend Fran Curry (we toured together on "Spamalot" and now she dresses the girl playing Elsa in "Frozen" on Broadway). We went and saw an awesome photography exhibit of photos of the New York City parks from the summer of 1978 and then wandered around the Central Park Zoo. It was a fun afternoon.

I finished the first draft of one of the legacy videos I am working on for a family in New Jersey - it is quite the project (2 hours long and the uncompressed film is 100gb!) and I am happy to have the first pass complete. I'll be working on some edits next week. 

I played with my new drone, the Mavic Air, a bit while we were in Copake and put together a small video when we came home on Monday. I didn't film a whole lot while we were there because Logan got sick, but I love the aerial footage and what it adds to the story of a film. I'm excited to play with it more. I'll include the film below.

A look back at this week last year!

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