Snapshots of our Week | Back to the Summer Routine

Its taking us some time to get re-adjusted back to east coast time! Logan is still sleeping in every morning, and even Lila slept uncharacteristically late most of the week. We jumped right back into the summer routines, though. We flew all day Monday, and the kids were at their first dance class on Tuesday! 

They both LOVED their first dance class. Both are taking tap and ballet (although they are in different classes). I sat and watched them on a screen in the lobby of the dance school with a huge smile on my face. On Wednesday they both started swim lessons - again at the same time, but in different groups. They are not as crazy about swimming as they are about dance, but they both got in the water and did great. I told them they could quit as soon as they learn how to swim, so hopefully that motivates them!

It's good to be back, and now I am on a tear to de-clutter. I got rid of a ton of accumulated tupperware and tea bags (we don't even drink tea!). I'm looking forward to attacking the upstairs storage, which has gotten out of hand. We also completely cleared out the living room of all small toys and objects in anticipation of bringing our new puppy home this weekend! (more on that below).

I also really want to replace our coffee table. It used to look so nice when I bought it eight years ago from West Elm... but then kids happened, and now its been destroyed with water damage and wear and tear. It bothers me that the piece of furniture in the center of our living room looks like garbage! 

The flowers in the front yard still look surprisingly good but my poor tomatoes are sad, sad, sad. I have a feeling they are in too much sun. Plans for adding more flowers to the front yard are on hold for now since we are bringing a puppy home - I'll wait until next year when hopefully he is a bit more trained and won't be so prone to digging. I may still get some potted flowers for the porch.

I'm also looking at succulents on Amazon and plotting a way to hang a corner shelf unit in our dining area for succulents...

I also need to find out which plants are poisonous to dogs...

We went to the playground in Rockville Center on Thursday by the rec center. It had been a while since we'd been there. The kids always love that playground - its perfect for their level, has lots of swings, a sand pit and a spray area. Always a win. 

We also went out a number of times for frozen yogurt this week, and visited Hecksher Park in Huntington (after checking out a dog adoption event at the Petsmart in Huntington), but other than that, no big outings. I am desperately trying to finish up some work projects so I can enjoy the summer with the kids.

I am almost done with a big massive client video project and looking forward to moving on to the other projects in my queue, including editing together some footage I took in California. I started a class called "Visual Rhetoric" at Click Photo School this week and its working my brain out in a good way. 

Eric and I drove out to Mattituck on Sunday morning and met the most adorable litter of lab mix puppies! Their mom was rescued down south and was brought up here to Long Island, where she had her puppies on Cinco de Mayo! We are adopting little Tank this coming Sunday! We are all so excited and can't wait to bring him home.

Get ready for all the puppy pictures!

A black lab puppy bites a stick.

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