Snapshots of our Week | Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime...

It was an exciting week - we brought home little puppy, Tank! The kids are over the moon, and he is adjusting so well. We are all so happy!

Both Lila and Logan were dreading swim lessons this week, but they both did so well - especially Logan, who blew my mind by diving in the water (face under!) after some plastic rings. I was so proud of him. Lots of fears being smashed this summer.

They both LOVE dance and want me to sign them up to continue during the school year. They are pretty indifferent about swimming, but I told them they had to keep doing it until they could actually swim.

This week was all about puppy proofing. We cleared the living room of all small, chewable objects and put away one of the rugs. I am trying to envision small ways I could make our living area look brighter and cheerier... I think maybe a lighter colored rug may help, but I'm nervous about stains... I'm going to keep thinking on it.

We had friends over for dinner on Friday and to our surprise, we found out that one of them has quite a vast knowledge about plants and landscaping. Eric got the low-down on what we should keep and what we should get rid of in the backyard (basically everything). I'm looking forward to when Operation Backyard Cleanup finally gets started. As for the front, all is on hold now that Tank is here. I don't want to plant anything that will get dug up. There's always next year.

On Thursday I took Lila and Logan over to Sands Point Preserve to go to the little beach there. It was rocky, and the water was pretty seaweedy, but the kids had a lot of fun. It was neat to see so many dogs there, walking on the beach and swimming in the water (tucking that info away for when Tank is a bit bigger!)

I had a session in Central Park on Friday, and a local in-home session in Garden City on Saturday. I shot both sessions solely with my Sony... and they went well! I am excited about the fact that my camera bag is SO much lighter without the Nikon gear.

Little Tank came home with us on Sunday! It was sad taking him away from his litter-mates and foster family, but he did great in the car, and has assimilated so well at home. He is doing great with housebreaking and crate-training, and he even managed to walk around the block on leash today. We are so happy he is ours!

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