Snapshots of our Week | Hellos and Goodbyes

It was a bittersweet week of hellos and goodbyes. It was our first full week with our puppy, Tank, and getting used to new routines that include lots of walks and trips to the yard for potty breaks. Lila also said goodbye to her best friend of four years, who is moving away to Florida. We had a lovely last playdate with her family, but it was terribly sad to see them go.

Life is really hard sometimes.

Today was all about getting used to the dog. He was quiet as a mouse all night but pooped in his crate at some point, so there was clean-up to be done in the morning. The kids are getting used to actually sitting at the kitchen table to eat, instead of the coffee table where they have sat for years. Lila is terrified of dropping a chocolate chip from a cookie and killing the dog. 

I took Tank for his first walk around the block and he did pretty well! Lots of stopping and sniffing, but we made it without any major incidents.

It was a long, boring day. I felt that we should stay close to home because of Tank. I hate to crate him so we can go out when he is just getting used to us and our home. It's amazing how many of our neighbors I've met in the last two days since bringing Tank home. People are pulling over in their cars to meet him or crossing the street and introducing themselves. I've met more people from the neighborhood in the past two days than in all of the seven years since we moved in.

Tank met the next door neighbor's dogs and was well-behaved. I bet he misses his litter-mates.

The kids had dance and I signed them up again for the fall. They love it. They are excited at the prospect of a recital next June. Eric is not.

Wednesdays are always a nerve-wracking morning because of SWIM CLASS. Both kids were nervous because it was the third class, and they had been told that the third class was when they would have to go underwater. Logan was crying when I handed him to his instructor. Despite the drama, they both did well, and Logan even got a ribbon for floating on his back by himself. 

After lunch, Lila and I took Tank to his first vet visit where we had to wait for an hour because somehow we were not in the computer. Super annoying. Tank got two shots and when we left, there was a torrential downpour and we all got soaked.

Thursday was a hot and humid day. I filled up the wading pool for kids and turned the sprinkler on. We tried to get Tank to take a swim in the pool, but he wasn't into it. Walks around the block are getting better. Eric came home from work just in time for me to take Tank over to the local Petco to start puppy training classes. The first class went well! Tank learned "sit" and "stay" and had fun during puppy playtime.

We went to the town pool for the first time today. I hadn't taken the kids there before because I was a little worried about trying to manage two kids who can't swim by myself. Eric's mom came with us to lend another set of hands. The pool was so nice! We will definitely be going back. The kids spent a lot of time in the kiddie pool, but also got into the big pool with me and Marge, and practiced their swimming skills. Logan worked on floating and Lila practiced blowing bubbles through her nose and relaxing. By the time we left, Lila was swimming underwater by herself!

We went out for frozen yogurt afterward on 7th Street and then home for dinner. There were loud thunderstorms that night, but thankfully the kids and the dog were unfazed.

Lila's friend Coco and her family came over for a playdate. They are moving to Florida this week, and we will miss them so much. Lila and Coco have been best friends since preschool. Although we will miss them being within driving distance, I hope the girls can continue to cultivate their friendship through Facetime and visits. It was terribly sad to say goodbye. Lila hasn't connected with any other friends the way she connects with Coco.

The kids left early Sunday morning to go upstate with Eric's mom for a few days ("Camp Nana"!) and I had a lovely day by myself! I got some work done, ate sushi for lunch, took the dog for a long walk and then went out to dinner with Eric. The kids should go to Camp Nana more often!

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