Snapshots of our Week | August Days

We are officially into the countdown to school starting. I feel like this summer got away from us a little bit. After our travels at the end of June/beginning of July, it was hard to get motivated to do much once we returned home, and we've actually gotten a lot of rain! Between the rainy days and the really hot, humid days, my kids haven't been up for many outings. 

You read and hear so much about "summer bucket lists" and "only 15 summers with them until they are grown!" (and yes, I am guilty of talking these concepts up as well), that sometimes the pressure of having an amazing summer is too much. Maybe a summer with a lot of down time and not much excitement is okay, too. After Lila's first year of full-time school, perhaps a summer of unscheduled time was just what we needed.

After a lazy morning at home waiting for the grocery delivery, the kids and I went and met Eric's mom and sister at Lido Beach. It was so hot at home, but at the beach there was a beautiful breeze. We stayed for a couple of hours, lying in the sun and playing in the waves. Such a lovely afternoon.

Lila lost her fourth tooth in the morning (Logan threw a toy at her face and knocked it out). Then we ran around getting things done, like dropping off a package at the post office and a poop sample at the vet (fun, fun!). After that I treated the kids to ice cream for being good sports. They had dance class that evening and we ordered pizza for dinner. We made it home just in time as a huge thunderstorm rolled in. Most of the neighborhood lost power (we didn't - whew!). 

The kids had swim lessons in the morning. They were both nervous, as per usual. Logan was close to tears at the end of his lesson. He hates going underwater. He has told his teacher that. She still makes him jump into the water and doesn't catch him. I am skeptical about the place they are taking lessons. I'm sure the instructors know more than me, but I feel like Logan, at least, is losing trust. I'd love to find a place for them to do private lessons, but the only options are really pricy. 

In the afternoon I drove over to Crossroads Farm, which is a few towns over from us. I have driven by it a million times and never stopped. We had friends coming over for dinner, so I went to see if I could buy some corn (I did find some - and it was DELICIOUS). We had fun walking around the fields for a little while.

We had friends over for dinner that night. It was nice to talk to some grown-ups for a change. There has been A LOT of kid time this summer.

Another steamy day. After lunch we went to the pool with Eric's mom. Next summer I am definitely getting a membership. Definitely a better alternative to the playground on a hot day! We saw some of Lila's friends from school, which was nice for her. We went out for frozen yogurt afterward.

I finished reading "The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food and Love", and decided I wanted to become a member of a CSA. I ended up purchasing a half share for the 8 weeks of the fall season from Restoration Farm in Bethpage. I am so excited to take the kids to the farm and for fresh vegetables!

Friday was another steamy day. We went to Wantagh Park for a bit in the afternoon, but it was hot, so we didn't stay long. That night Marge and I took the kids to 7th Street for the Friday Night Promenade. We ate at Burger Spot. The kids were super cranky. Fun times!

Another rainy, thunderstormy day. We took Tank to Puppy Playtime at Petco. He was a little more subdued than usual, but had fun running around. 

More thunderstorms in the morning, but after they passed, we took Tank over to Eric's parents' house to run around their backyard. I think we wore him out! 

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