Snapshots of our Week | Nearing Summer's End

I known it's very English of me to always be talking about the weather, but is it me, or has this been the worst August ever when it comes to the weather? So much rain! So many grey days! And when its not raining, its too hot and humid to go outside for very long. I'm starting to look forward to the crisper days of fall.

We spent the morning at the Long Island Children's Museum since it was pouring outside, and met up with my friend Jenn and her daughter, Senja. It was fun catching up and the kids had a good time. The museum wasn't too crowded, and Lila and Logan finally braved the climbing area and loved it.

A productive (rainy) day at home. I cleaned the house and wrote a bit of my class materials (did I tell you I am teaching a class in video storytelling at The Define School this fall??). Lila and Logan had their last summer dance class in the afternoon and performed for the parents during the last ten minutes of class. It was really cute to see them. They are both looking forward to continuing dance in the fall. Marge and Paul came over for a pizza dinner. More thunderstorms.

Marge came with me to watch the kids' swim class in the morning. I am still trying to figure out what to do about swim classes once school starts. The kids hate them. I'm having no luck finding private local lessons. This swimming business is tricky and annoying. After class I took Lila school shopping and to lunch . She picked out a bunch of cute clothes for the fall. 

We went to Rath Pool with Marge. Lila was in a mood and refused to swim. We ended up going to the playground while Marge and Logan went swimming. The teacher assignments at Lila's school were posted on the parent portal so my phone was dinging nonstop from texts from all the Girl Scout moms. Lila knows at least three kids that are going to be in her class. Her teacher was one of the kindergarten teachers last year and is supposedly very nice. Tank had puppy training class. He's doing well.

I went to Brooklyn for the day to hang out with my friend Patty. It had been two years since we'd seen each other! Way too long. I loved her new apartment and backyard. So peaceful. It made me miss the pre-kid days. A quiet home. We went out for sushi and then hung out at her place for a bit before I headed home. 

Boring rainy, steamy day. We took Tank to puppy playtime at Petco. Everyone was cranky.

Another gloomy, rainy day. I went to a coffee shop in the morning and worked on my class materials. We took Tank back to Petco for another playtime. Eric came with us this time. Excitement in the afternoon as the house across the street from us caught on fire. Half a dozen fire trucks arrived from all the neighboring towns. The whole neighborhood came out to see what was going on. Electrical fire. Eric ended up being the one who boarded up all the smashed windows after the firemen left.

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