Snapshots of Our Week | Back to School

And just like that, summer vacation was over.

We drove home to Long Island from Copake and unpacked. We made the drive in under three hours, which was pretty good considering it was Labor Day and I’m sure everyone and their mother was driving home from somewhere. There was drama at bedtime… a sure sign of anxiety for the impending start of the school year!

The last full day of summer vacation. It was stinkin’ hot! I took the kids for ice cream and then turned the sprinkler on for them. Even Tank got wet, it was so hot! And he hates being wet! We walked Lila down the block to see where the bus stop is. She will be taking the bus home a few afternoons a week.

First day of school! Lila was pretty anxious in the morning as the kids lined up on the back field. It was also really hot - even at 8:30 in the morning - so she was getting irritated standing there. Finally they took the kids inside. She gave us a good report at pick-up. Said she loves her teacher and her classmates all seem very nice. She only knows three of the kids in her class from last year. There was more bedtime drama, so Eric took over. I am just done at bedtime. No sympathy left.

Lila took the bus home for the first time. She was really nervous about it that morning, but she survived, and even said she liked it…until a few hours later when she decided she didn’t. It was literally 98 degrees that day though so I told her she had to try again the next day when it was forecast to be 75 degrees - a big difference on a non-air-conditioned school bus!

There was more drama at bedtime so Eric and I decided he would take over bedtime from now in and I would go and walk the dog. Crisis averted.

Lots of errands and appointments. I met with Logan’s pre-K teacher and she seemed pretty taken aback when I told her he was already reading. She said they would come up with some ways to challenge him. I told her that he has suddenly become obsessed with learning Spanish, and it turns out one of the assistant teachers speaks Spanish, which made Logan very happy when I told him. Knowing him, he’ll be fluent by the end of the year.

Took Lila to a birthday party for one of her friends at Muse Paintbar. It was really fun. I’d love to go back there with some grown-ups and do a painting myself!

Rainy, crappy day, but we braved the wet and went to the Dockside Family Festival at Captree State Park. It was kind of a washout, but the kids had fun. The crab races were hilarious :)

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