Snapshots of our Week | Fall Mode

We are finally getting into the swing of school year routine around here. Logan has his first full day of school today (finally!) and I finally had some alone time! The air is still pretty humid, but the light is fading earlier and it is starting to feel like fall. The kids have their first cold of the season (thank you, school) and I am making lists of fall festivals that I’d like to go to. Yep, September is in full swing.

Day off school. Logan had a doctor’s appointment - a growth check, flu shot and blood tests for celiac (they came back normal, thank goodness). He really is a trooper when it comes to needles. He was pretty worked up and anxious before the appointment, but didn’t shed a tear for the actual tests. Lila started her ballet/tap class that evening. She was nervous about new kids and a new teacher, but she ended up having a good class.

Another day off school. It really seems like school will never actually get started! It rained so we stayed home all day. Luckily Lila and Logan played well with each other and we didn’t even have the TV on all that much. Win!

Lila went back to school today. Logan had his first dance class of the school year. He has a new teacher this time around, and all girls in his class. He loved it. He told his teacher proudly that he knows all the ballet positions. It felt like a day of a lot of driving around. I was exhausted by the time it was over.

Logan finally had his first day of school! It was only an hour, and I had to stay with him, but at least he is finally getting started. He was so happy to be back with his friends. I can tell it is going to be torture for him to not start school until 11:45am every day. He was asking every two minutes whether or not it was time to go yet. I can’t believe this is our last year at GCNS. Five years at this school! I will miss it.

Friday’s are going to be my exhausting day this year, I can already tell. Lots of appointments and running around. It feels like a serious marathon. I was completely beat by the end of the day. Tank had a vet appointment and weighed in at 25 lbs. The vet says she thinks he will definitely be under 40 lbs. Looks like we got ourselves a little mini lab! I am dying to do one of the DNA tests to find out what kind of a mix he is.

Saturday was pretty great. We went over to Restoration Farm to pick up our CSA share in the morning. The kids loved seeing the farm - we walked around the fields and then picked a bouquet of flowers to take home with us. Our box of veggies looked so good, we devoured the cherry tomatoes and lettuce as soon as we got home. After lunch we took Tank to Puppy Playtime, where he was surprisingly more subdued than usual. And then we drove out to Captree State Park so that the kids could go to the playground. We also walked along the pier and the docks before heading home.

9am birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese for one of Logan’s friends. Oof. 9am is early for Chuck E. Cheese! After lunch we went to the Garden CIty South street fair. Lila and Logan loved the bounce castle they had - it had a huge inflatable slide and rock wall. Neither of them was scared - they just climbed on up!

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