Snapshots of our Week | Fall on Long Island

How is September going for you? We are finally in our first full week of school (so many days off those first couple of weeks!). The kids brought home their first bout of the crud - runny noses and a cough for Logan. The air is cooling down and the leaves are starting to turn yellow. Yep, fall is underway!

Logan had his first day at school with his full class - they had been split into two up until then. It was also his first day bringing lunch to school - very exciting! I went and got my flu shot, which took up all my kid-free time that afternoon.

It was a rainy, stormy day. Logan and I spent the morning stocking up at Trader Joe’s. Both kids have a cold. Why must the illnesses begin immediately? They just started school! I drove out to Berger Bros. camera shop while Logan was in school to pick up a new zoom lens for my Sony (the Tamron 28-75).

The kids were off for Rosh Hashanah. They were both still snotty and coughing so we stayed home and had a lazy day. Tank ate some berries from a yew bush out front so I ended up spending $65 on a call to animal poison control to make sure he wasn’t going to drop dead. Oy. Eric came home and hacked most of the bush away and then covered it with wire fencing. Did you know it’s known as the “tree of death”?

Eric’s birthday. Logan stayed home from school as his cough kept him up the night before. I had a rough day. Lots of anxiety. Eric finally came home and took Logan over to the house he and his dad are working on for a little while so I could chill out. I did some yoga and felt better. I also caught up with an old friend on the phone, which was so nice. I miss talking to my friends! That night Eric and I went out to Louie’s in Port Washington to celebrate his birthday.

Nice day. Good therapy appointment. Logan went back to school so I had some time to myself in the afternoon. The evening was lovely and breezy. Eric and I hung out on the porch drinking beers for a long while.

An easy morning at home. Logan went to a make-up dance class at noon and Lila helped out over at the house Eric and his dad are working on. In the afternoon I took the kids over to Hicks’ Nursery and they had a blast at their fall festival. We went on a hayride and saw Otto the Ghost. I came home with a trunk full of mums and some fall flowers for our front flower bed.

Lila, Logan and I went to another fall festival at Sands Point Preserve. The kids painted pumpkins and rode ponies, and we went on another hayride! Logan got stung by a bee but he was a trooper. We went out to dinner with Eric’s parents at Lucky Duck. It was a good day.

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