Snapshots of our Week | Winding Down Summer 2018

And just like that, here we are at the last week of summer vacation (well, sort of. Logan doesn't actually go back to school until the 13th, but Lila starts tomorrow). It was a scorcher of a week so we spent a lot of time inside soaking up the air conditioning, but there were a few fun events scattered throughout the week, and then we headed upstate for the weekend on Friday.

I did a ton of research into social media schedulers. I realize the presence I have to have online for my business, but I am looking to make my time spent on this more efficient. I'm trying Buffer for now. I took the kids out for ice cream in the afternoon.

Productive morning of writing for my class. I am definitely more of a morning person that a night person. My brain just shuts down once the kids are in bed. I am enjoying my morning walks with Tank, but is definitely a shift in my morning routine. No more doing work before the kids wake up. I am trying to embrace that and looking for podcasts to listen to on my walks instead. 

Lila had a Girl Scout pool party in the afternoon. It was nice to see everyone and lovely to be in the water on a 95 degree day. Lila and Logan had a great time. It was nice for Lila to re-assimilate with the girls as she has been getting nervous about the beginning of the school year.

Another crazy hot day. We stayed indoors except for a quick excursion for ice cream.

Super busy day. Playdate with Logan's class at a local playground in the morning. It was really too hot for anyone to stay too long, though. We made it about a half an hour before the kids asked to leave. We picked up Happy Meals for Lila and Logan's lunches and then drove to the train station to pick up two of my buddies from the Spamalot tour, Fran and Suzanne. We had such a nice afternoon hanging out at our house. Lila and Logan loved Suzanne's little dog, Mollie Sue. She wasn't much of a fan of Tank though! He was so excited (TOO excited) to have another doggie friend in the house. I had missed my girlfriends! It was so nice catching up.

That night Tank had his last Puppy 1 class - he graduated! We'll sign up for Puppy 2 classes later this fall.

We packed up the car and drove up to Copake. Tank was amazing in the car! No potty accidents, no whining! He was ecstatic to see all the space he had to run and explore once we arrived. We even let him off leash for a bit and he came when called!

In other news, Logan finally tasted apple for the first time and liked it! Wonders never cease.

We went to the Copake/Hillsdale Farmer's market and bought a giant lemonade and some other goodies. The kids had fun playing on the grass with the "bubble man". We walked for a bit afterward to check out the nearby dog run and then drove over to the local grocery store for a few items. The rest of the day was spent lounging at the house. We took Tank for a walk down to the pond, and then I read half my book.

Logan ate some hamburger!

Finished my book "The Year of Less" and am now contemplating my own shopping ban in an attempt to save some money. We all went to the Rail Trail for a walk and I ended up screaming at Lila who was being a turd. Ah, family fun - ain't it the best?

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