Snapshots of our Week | The Heart of Winter

We had a dusting of snow early in the week, but after a lot of talk of a big winter storm over the weekend, all we ended up with was rain, followed by the temps dropping 40 degrees and gusty winds. As I type this, we are closed up in our cocoon of a house, keeping warm while the wind continues to blow outside.

I ordered some paperwhite bulbs from Amazon, after not being able to find any at the local nursery, and planted them in four different vases, which I’ve spread around the house. The kitchen vases are showing some growth. I’m looking forward to seeing them flower. I’m not sure how our outdoor bulbs will do this year. I dug them all up at the end of last spring and kept them in soil in a bucket for the rest of the year, before planting them again in November. I’ve had to put paving stones over the flower bed for now, as Tank keeps digging it up (and bulbs are toxic for dogs), so I’ll have to figure out when to safely remove those to allow for the flowers to grow. The outdoor bulbs don’t start to sprout until late March/early April, so I have time to figure that out.

Speaking of Tank, we had another episode this week with him eating something he shouldn’t - half a tennis ball! Luckily he gnawed it into little pieces, so it all came out - but he was pretty sick for a day or so. I hope he grows out of this “eating everything” phase!

I registered Logan for kindergarten on Tuesday - I can hardly believe it! Just a few more months of having a preschool-aged kid in the house! He still seems like a baby to me in many ways.

Logan came down with a little fever on Thursday night and was very congested on Friday morning, so I kept him home from school. ‘Tis the season, right? We’ve spent the weekend inside, hiding from the rains and wind, and now freezing air. The kids watched the Disney movie, “The Descendants” for the first time on Saturday - they loved it. Everyone goes back to school tomorrow. Only one more week of January to go! (this is the toughest month of the year for me).

Hope you all have a great week!

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