Snapshots of our Week | Winter Days at Home on Long Island

Middle of February and we still have yet to see any substantial snowfall. Word is that we may get a couple of inches tomorrow morning but that rain will wash it all away by nightfall. As much as I am anticipating sunnier days, I would welcome at least one snow day this year. If it has to be cold out, at least add some snow so that it can also be pretty!

We are navigating our winter days pretty well. I am getting out and walking with Tank twice a day no matter how cold the temps are. The kids are enjoying school. Things are good.

Not much to report this week. Lila and Logan are rehearsing their recital routines at dance class each week. Lila’s Girl Scout troop is selling cookies. We spent a few days this week preparing Valentines for all the classmates. I trekked into Brooklyn on Saturday for a newborn session, which happened to be around the corner from my friend, Patty’s house, so I was able to catch up with her and her husband over coffee afterward. That night we also had friends over for dinner. Always nice to socialize with other adults after being around the kids all week!

We have one more week of school to get through and then the kids will be on winter break. We don’t have any plans, but I look forward to having a week off from packing lunchboxes!

Wishing you a great week xo

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