Snapshots of our Week | Hello February

I am really happy to be saying hello to February. The sun is shining today and the polar vortex of last week has moved along. It is 50 degrees out there today! Although I know the warm weather is not here to stay, it is definitely a nice pick-me-up. Some of my paperwhite bulbs in the kitchen are blooming, and I am just generally feeling pretty peaceful and happy.

The kiddos both have colds and coughs. Lila is on the mend… Logan is still having some trouble sleeping. I spent a few hours rubbing his back in his bunk last night. Poor bubs. He’s happy enough today, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is tired when he gets home from school.

Last week was freezing, as I said… polar vortex… Thursday the temps were below zero! I drove into the city on Wednesday for a newborn session at Lenox Hill and when I got back to Eric’s mom’s to pick up the kids, a sudden snow squall hit! We got about an inch of snow in 20 minutes - it was crazy! And just as quick as it started, it was over. I’ve never seen anything like it! Lila stayed home from school on Thursday. She probably could have gone. but she was super congested and it was so cold outside. Sometimes you just need a day of rest.

On Saturday Lila’s girl scout troop had an outing to a therapy dog training center - it was so fun! The dogs were adorable, and so smart. Lila was laughing the whole time - it was so nice to see her so happy. Yesterday she went to a birthday party for one of the girls in her troop. I sat there watching her play with the girls and just thought about what a blessing her girl scout troop has been these past two years. Such a nice group of girls and moms. It’s been fantastic for Lila to have this little built-in community amidst the vastness of her school (there are 800 kids at her school and six classes for her grade!). Joining the girl scouts was the best decision. Really, really grateful.

I’ve been buried deep in the materials for Teethkiss, an online photography course with Yan Palmer, which is opening me up and pulling me apart in the best ways. The photos below are directly inspired by all we’ve been discussing in class this week. I’m so excited to see what else I come up with in the remaining three weeks.

Wishing you all a happy Monday and a great week ahead! xo

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