Motherhood Sessions: Document that special bond

Anyone else as happy as me to say hello to spring? The lengthening days and warming temperatures have been so welcome around here. I love that it is still light outside after the kids’ after-school activities… and while in January my kids were screaming for dinner at 4:30pm - the light now has them fooled into waiting until at least 6pm!

As I look forward to April and start making plans for spring break and our trip to California in May, I realize that before I know it, summer will be here - and with it, the end of my son’s time at nursery school. Although I am looking forward to reclaiming some time for myself next year with both kids in full-time school, it’s also more than a bit bittersweet. Come fall, both my kids' early childhood years will be behind them. Gosh, that went quickly!

Logan was home sick last week and we spent quite a few hours snuggled in my bed watching movies. I wonder how many more of those days I will have with him before he decides he’d rather do his own thing without the company of his nerdy old mom? It seems like just yesterday that he was still nursing, and now he is almost a kindergartner.

Can someone press the “pause” button please??

Because I am feeling super sentimental about this transition in my own life, I am offering a limited number of “MOTHERHOOD SESSIONS” this April and May, in case you might be feeling the same way. These short story sessions will be one hour long, with the intent of documenting the special bond between a mother and child during the early childhood years. These sessions could document your maternity leave, a breastfeeding journey, or the last days at home with a preschooler. Whatever little moments you want to remember and hold onto.

A mother nurses her baby while snuggling with her toddler son.

Motherhood Sessions

  • 1 hour session at your home

  • 25 beautifully hand-edited digital images delivered by digital download. 

  • Weekdays only

  • $650 (Additional travel fee for locations outside of Nassau County).

If you are interested, please drop me an email and let’s get you on the calendar (this would also make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for a friend or loved one!).

We are born of love; Love is our mother.
— Rumi