March Snapshots | Long Island Family Photographer

March was kind of a meh month. The kids dealt with some sickness (fevers, colds, strep throat) and we had a some freezing cold days (including one snow day) mixed in with a few warm, teasing days. It felt like a bit of a slog, despite the arrival of more daylight and the first day of spring.

Lila was awarded a prize for second place for K-2nd grade in the Reflections art contest at school (the theme was “Heroes Among Us” and she drew a picture of her teacher). Her friend Kaya also won an award. It was fun for her to get dressed up and go to the school at night to receive the award - she got a certificate, a pin and a book. We are very proud of her.

I participated in Logan’s classroom one day, which was fun. There was a lot of snow still on the ground and the kids had a blast sliding down a hill of ice on the side of the school property. It’s a bummer that the elementary school kids have to stay inside so much for recess during the winter. The preschoolers really have so much fun playing in the snow, despite the cold!

Lila, Logan and I went to the Spring Flower Show at Hicks, which is always a highlight in March. It is still so dreary and grey outside, and seeing all the bright colored flowers at Hicks is such a morale booster. It’s a reminder that it won’t be long before everything blooms outdoors!

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