Exploring Wave Hill | A Family Film

Four years ago, when I was just getting started making films for families other than mine, I filmed my friend Stacey’s family. LIttle Huxley was just a baby then. I loved how natural the whole family was in front of the camera, and I knew that one day I would love to film them again. This spring we made that happen: I revisited the family in April and we documented a day trip to Wave Hill in the Bronx, one of the family’s favorite spots.

I have always admired Peter and Stacey’s zest for parenthood and their constant enthusiasm for everyday adventures. Big sister Beatrice had a rough entry into the world six years ago, but despite some challenges, which include hearing loss, she has grown into a strong, spunky little girl. And little brother Huxley is quite a character - a mischievous little elf-child with penchant for princess dresses and a wickedly charming grin. Stacey is amazing at taking advantage of all New York City has to offer - I am in constant awe of her instagram feed, which documents the daily adventures of her family throughout the five boroughs.

Stacey was one of the very first champions of my work as a family filmmaker, and for that I am eternally grateful. Nothing is more gratifying than creating these time capsules for families who truly treasure them. Thank you, Stacey and Pete, for really “getting” the importance of these films and making me feel like I am contributing a little good into the world, even in the smallest of ways!

Below is the film of the Haynes/Grimes family, and also some still photographs I captured during our session together.

I am now booking my final few family films for 2019. If you’d like to book a film this fall, drop me a note here!

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