Celebrate the Seasons: A Recap of March, April and May

I have not been a very good blogger this spring!

The urgency of this project kind of relaxed for me once spring hit and I just let the sunshine and green trees wash over me and didn’t stress so much about accomplishing x,y and z each month. The structure of the project seems to provide more of a lifeline for me in the colder months, when I feel the anxiety of dark and cold and need desperately to hold on to some vestiges of light and happiness and celebration.

So all this to say… the project does continue, but I am not being as strict with myself about checking things off a list each month. Instead I have been mostly snapping photos of the changes in nature with my iPhone as I walk with Tank, and I’ve been keeping them in a “Nature Journal” within the Day One app on my phone. At the end of the year, I can print out all these entries into a book to keep alongside my art journal. This is the easiest way for me to record my observations currently in the midst of the busy school year.

The environment outside has changed so much since March! The bulbs and forsythia were late to bloom this year, not appearing until April, but once they did, it was a chain reaction. The cherry blossoms and dogwood sprouted and in May, all the trees in the neighborhood exploded in green. I’ve always thought my favorite season was summer, but that change from winter to spring, when everything starts to bloom, is pretty dang magical.

A few photos from the past three months in our neck of the woods below (with a few thrown in from California):

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