July Snapshots | Personal Documentary Family Photography

The summer is winding down, and it has been a good one. We are celebrating the final days of vacation with a Labor Day weekend trip to Copake. Soaking up all the nature and sunshine and adventure that we can before school starts on Wednesday.

In an attempt to catch up on my personal postings, here is a look back at our July in photos. This summer has been fairly mild in temperature and humidity, and has featured some pretty awesome thunderstorms in the evenings. Pretty much idyllic summer weather! We took advantage of it by keeping an equal balance of outings and being homebodies. We reorganized the basement, and the kids have been playing down there a lot a more now that we have cleared some space.

We were up in Copake for Fourth of July and took Tank to Bash Bish Falls for his first “water” experience. We coaxed him into the creek, but he was not crazy about it. He humored us but looked fairly miserable the whole time, poor puppy! Eric dug out some sparklers and fireworks for a homemade Independence Day show and we visited an equestrian consignment shop to get Lila set up for her horseback riding lessons - she got a helmet, boots and some pants.

We had some hot days in the middle of the month so there were many days spent in the sprinklers or at the pool. The kids have gotten so much more comfortable in the water this summer, and I have high hopes that they will both be swimming next summer.

We drove over to Robert Moses beach on Fire Island one day and enjoyed a lovely afternoon. We had never been there before and I look forward to going back again sometime and visiting the lighthouse.

The rest of the month was filled with visits from friends, trips to TCBY, horseback riding lessons for Lila, dance classes for Logan, trips to Restoration Farm to pick up our veggie share, and some photo sessions for me.

It was a lovely month.

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