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Our Spring Bucket List! | Long Island Mom

Spring is here! We have been waiting all winter for this... and now that it is here, we are ready to take full advantage. Here is our Spring Bucket List - all the activities we hope to do this spring on Long Island!

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Local Adventures: Planting Fields Arboretum | Long Island Photographer

Planting Fields is one of our favorite places to go for an outing. It is a beautiful former Gold Coast estate in Oyster Bay. We love to bring a picnic and run around the grounds for hours. Earlier this week, we enjoyed our first visit this season - come on in and check out the photos!

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Our favorite places to walk with a stroller on Long Island (Part 1) | Long Island Family Photographer

One of the things we try to do everyday to maintain sanity around here is get the heck outta the house. While my kids are both still little, I am always on the hunt for good places to take walks with a stroller. This information is surprisingly hard to find online for our area, so I thought I would start to keep a list on the blog.

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