Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Life

We decided last week that the best medicine for us all would be to get the heck outta dodge this past weekend. Lila has been dealing with some ups and downs at school, and all of us are tired of being stuck in the house due to the cold or bad weather. January has just dragged on. We missed out on going out of town over the Christmas break because everyone was sick, so rather than wait another month until winter break, we made the executive decision that heading up to Copake was the best course of action for everyone.

It was a busy week leading up to our escape. Lila had a follow-up with the pulmonary doctor (she is totally recovered from her bad cough but we will keep an inhaler on hand just in case she needs it) and a well check with her regular pediatrician (she is growing beautifully!). I had my well check, Lila had Girl Scouts (and a visit from a female EMT and a policewoman) and it was parent/teacher conferences! Lila got a glowing review at her conference - we are very proud of all the hard work she is doing! 

Friday morning finally arrived and we packed up the car and headed out of town. It was a beautiful weekend upstate. We went to Great Barrington one day for lunch and some window shopping. Yesterday we went to an awesome bookstore in Millerton, and today we went for a long walk around the property. The kids enjoyed breaking up the ice on the pond with rocks and Logan found his "perfect circle rock". Being in a different environment was a good reset for the kids, and I have been brainstorming since we got back to Long Island about how I can keep this "vacation buzz" going year 'round!

Tomorrow everyone is back to school and the regular routine, but our weekend away was enough to push us all through until winter break (when we will likely escape again!).

Here are a few photos from our week.

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