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A Year of Moving Pictures: January | New York Documentary Film

The first of my monthly films - a goal I have of completing 12 personal films in 2016. My first film of the year documents a big snowstorm we had this month - Jonas. I'd love for you to come and take a look!

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2015 - The Year in Films | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Video

This past year has been a busy one for me in terms of making films! I participated in Xanthe Berkeley's A Year of Creating Time Capsules and although I fell slightly short of making 12 movies, I did manage to complete 9! I also made 5 slideshows, 10 fusion films (a mix of stills and video) and a handful of mini movies for Instagram. Come on in to take a look!

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A Thanksgiving Story in Motion | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Video

As I shared earlier this week in photos, we spent most of last week upstate in Copake for Thanksgiving. It was a lovely few days and I recorded some video and put it together into a little compilation film that I would love to share with you.

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