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What do I do with my Family Film? | Long Island & NYC Family Films

One of my clients asked me recently, "What do I do with my family film?" She told me that she has the family film we created last summer on her Facebook page, but she is not sure what else to do with it. This is such a good and valid question! Films are different in many ways from photographs, and one of the major differences is that they are sort of intangible! You can't hang a film up on your wall. So what can you do with it??

Click for a few ideas.


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"Everyone Has A Story" | Name Your Own Price Family Photography Sessions - Long Island, NYC

I love documenting other families. If I could, I would do it for free. I believe this genre of storytelling, documentary photography is THAT important - which is why I am offering, for a limited time only, Name Your Own Price sessions. All the details are on the blog today.

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A Day in the Life: March 2016 | Long Island, New York Family Films & Videography

Last week I captured our day on video. This is the fourth March in a row that I have filmed an "A Day in the Life" for our family, and what a treat it is to look back on them now. Come on in and take a look!

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2015 - The Year in Films | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Video

This past year has been a busy one for me in terms of making films! I participated in Xanthe Berkeley's A Year of Creating Time Capsules and although I fell slightly short of making 12 movies, I did manage to complete 9! I also made 5 slideshows, 10 fusion films (a mix of stills and video) and a handful of mini movies for Instagram. Come on in to take a look!

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Scenes from an October: A new "Story in Motion" film | Long Island, NY Family Films

I am so excited to share a collection of film snippets from our October with you. I just love putting together these "Stories in Motion".

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