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The Easteadt Family, A Story in Motion | Queens Family Films

I first met Ashley and Jason two years ago, just days after their second child was born. We documented one of those first days at home with a new baby and adjusting to life with two littles. They invited me back last year to make a second film in which they discussed all they had learned in that first year of parenting two kids, and this year, we collaborated on the family’s third film.

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A Family Session at the Bronx Zoo | New York City Family Photographer & Videographer

A family session at the Bronx Zoo - such a fun day! A combination of an awesome family and one of my favorite NYC locations. Their photos and family lifestyle video are on the blog today.

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The Lynch Family: A Story in Motion | Astoria, Queens Lifestyle Video

I absolutely loved going back to my former 'hood of Astoria, Queens and filming a morning with this family.  Now that their twins are getting bigger, Lindsay and Dan admit that they may eventually have to move out of the city in order to have more space for their family to grow. Because of this, they really wanted this film to feature this neighborhood that they adore. 

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What do I do with my Family Film? | Long Island & NYC Family Films

One of my clients asked me recently, "What do I do with my family film?" She told me that she has the family film we created last summer on her Facebook page, but she is not sure what else to do with it. This is such a good and valid question! Films are different in many ways from photographs, and one of the major differences is that they are sort of intangible! You can't hang a film up on your wall. So what can you do with it??

Click for a few ideas.


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The Spellman Family: A Story in Motion | New York Family Films

You can imagine how excited I was (and nervous!!) when Jennifer (a fabulous photographer herself!) messaged me to ask me to come and do a video session with her family. Little Jo had just started walking, and big sister Emma was celebrating her ninth birthday. It was a perfect time to record a "slice of life" at this stage in the family's journey . 

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